Global Water Reuse, Food and Health Workshop Agenda (as of 10/4/18):

Sunday, October 7, 2018

 8:30-9:30pm        Evening mixer, cocktails and snacks
Sheppard Gallery, College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

Monday, October 8, 2018

8:00am Arrival and breakfast (Room 2110)

8:30-9:00am Welcome and opening remarks

Dr. Boris Lushniak (Dean, UMD School of Public Health)
Dr. Laurie Locascio (Vice President of Research,UMD)
Dr. Craig Beyrouty (Dean, UMD College of Agriculture & Natural Resources)
Dr. Benny Chefetz (Dean, HUJI, Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Environment)

9:00-10:00am Opening Keynote

Perspectives on Integrative Urbanization, Water and Food Security
Dr. Bryan W. Brooks (Distinguished Professor, Environmental Science and Biomedical Studies, Baylor University; Director, Environmental Health Science Program; Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Management)

10:00-10:15am Coffee Break

10:15-12:00 noon Session 1: Recycled Irrigation Water Availability, Quality and Treatment Systems (Moderator: Dr. Amy R. Sapkota (UMD); 15-minute presentations each followed by 5-minute questions/answers)

10:15-10:35am Hotspots of Water Reuse for Food Crop Irrigation, Dr. Xin-Zhong Liang (UMD)

10:35-10:55am Microbial Degradation of Pharmaceuticals, Endocrine-Disrupting Compounds and Acrylamide in Wastewater Effluent and Agricultural Irrigation System, Dr. Duane Moser (DRI)

10:55-11:15am Wastewater treatment from minimum to maximum, Dr. Yael Mishael (HUJI) 

11:15-11:35am Non-conventional water treatment processes, Dr. Erick Bandala (DRI)

11:35-11:55am Development of Treatment Media for Stormwater Quality Improvement, Dr. Allen Davis (UMD)

11:55am-12:00pm Group Discussion 

12:00-1:00pm   Buffet Lunch and Informal Poster Session (Room 2115)

1:00-2:30pm      Session 2: Impacts of Recycled Irrigation Water on Soil Health, Plant Health and Crop Yields (Moderator: Dr. Yael Mishael (HUJI); 15-minute presentations each followed by 5-minute questions/answers)

1:00-1:20pm Impacts of recycled irrigation water on soil and root microbiome, Dr. Dror Minz (Volcani Research Center)

1:20-1:40pm Irrigation with reclaimed wastewater: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of pharmaceuticals in plants, Dr. Benny Chefetz (HUJI)

1:40-2:00pm  Using Sensor Networks for Precision Irrigation, to Increase Water Security and Reduce Nutrient Runoff from Farming Operations, Dr. John Lea-Cox (UMD)

2:00-2:20pm Going wild: Reshaping wheat root system architecture for changing environment, Dr. Zvi Peleg (HUJI)

2:20-2:30pm Group Discussion

2:30-2:45pm Coffee Break

2:45-3:55pm Session 3: Impacts of Recycled Irrigation Water on Food Safety and Quality (Moderator: Dr. Erick Bandala (DRI); 15-minute presentations each followed by 5-minute questions/answers)

2:45-3:05pm Shifts in lettuce phyllosphere microbiota in response to overhead application of agricultural water, Dr. Shirley Micallef (UMD) 

3:05-3:25pm Risk assessment approaches for understanding the impact of recycled irrigation water on food safety, Dr. Abani K. Pradhan (UMD)

3:25-3:45pm Novel technology for water treatment, Dr. Zvi Hayouka (HUJI)

3:45-3:55pm Group Discussion

3:55-4:30pm Trainee/early career scientist lightning rounds (5-minute talks) (Moderator: Hillary Craddock (UMD)) 

3:55pm Tomer Malchi (HUJI)
4:00pm Leena Malayil (UMD)
4:05pm Adhee Zeidman (DRI) 
4:10pm Maik Kecinski (U of Alberta) 
4:15pm Rianna Murray (UMD) 
4:20pm Asaf Averni (HUJI)
4:20-4:30pm Questions and group discussion                     

4:30-5:00pm Update on the University of Maryland-Hebrew University of Jerusalem emerging initiative 

6:00pm Dinner 
Registered faculty attendees will have dinner at the Marriott Commons restaurant
Registered trainees will have dinner at Milkboy Arthouse

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

 8:00am Arrival and breakfast (Room 2115)

 8:30-9:30am Ethiopian Perspectives on Water and Food Security, Tomer Malchi, HUJI, Dr. Mulunesh Abebe Alebachew (Bahir Dar University)

 9:30-10:55am Session 4: Impacts of Recycled Irrigation Water on Public Health (Moderator: Clive Lipchin (Arava))

9:30-9:50am Recycled irrigation water microbiomes, human exposure pathways and potential public health impacts, Dr. Amy R. Sapkota (UMD)

9:50-10:10am Study of viruses in recycled waters for reuse in irrigation and groundwater recharge, Dr. Walter Betancourt (University of Arizona)

10:10-10:30am Herbicides, Antibiotics, Stimulants, and Disinfectants in Agricultural Water sources, Dr. Amir Sapkota (UMD)

10:30-10:50am Impact of urbanization on quality of recycled water sources: Public Health Implications, Dr. Kumud Acharya (DRI)   

10:50-10:55am Group Discussion

10:55-11:10am Coffee Break

11:10-12:35pm Session 5: Cultural, Behavioral, Regulatory and Economic Factors Influencing Recycled Irrigation Water Use (Moderator: Debra L. Weinstein (UMD); 15-minute presentations each followed by 5-minute questions/answers)

11:10-11:30am Recycled water reuse in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, Dr. Clive Lipchin (Arava Institute)

11:30-11:50am Recycled Irrigation Water and the Law, Robert Percival (University of Maryland Cary School of Law)

11:50-12:10pm The Economic Value of Irrigation-Water Salinity: An Economy-wide Long-Run Analysis, Dr. Iddo Kan (HUJI)

12:10-12:30pm Spatial and policy aspects of wastewater recycling, Dr. Eran Feitelson (HUJI)

12:30-12:35pm Group Discussion

 12:35-1:45 PM Working Lunch and Panel Discussion: Grower Perspectives on Recycled Irrigation Water Use (Moderator: Dr. Rachel Rosenberg Goldstein (UMD))

Panelists: James Adkins, Jim Lewis, Brad Miller

1:45-3:10 PM Session 6: Extension/Outreach and Education Regarding Recycled Irrigation Water Use (Moderator: Dr. Zvi Hayouka (HUJI); 15-minute presentations each followed by 5-minute questions/answers)

1:45-2:05pm U.S. farmers’ needs and concerns regarding water reuse for agricultural irrigation, Dr. Rachel Rosenberg Goldstein (UMD) 

2:05-2:25pm Consumer response to recycled irrigation water use, Dr. Kent Messer (University of Delaware)

2:25-2:45pm Interdisciplinary Student Collaboration: Water Reuse in the West Bank, William Piermattei (University of Maryland, Carey School of Law)

2:45-3:05pm How to Communicate Clearly about Health Risks with Expert and Non-expert Audiences, Dr. Cynthia Baur (UMD)

3:05-3:10pm Group Discussion 

3:10-3:25pm Coffee Break

3:25- 4:00pm Trainee/early career scientist lightning rounds (Moderator: Tomer Malchi)

3:25pm Shiri Topman (HUJI)
3:30pm Bruk Belayneh (UMD)
3:35pm Hillary Craddock (UMD) 
3:40pm Amir Perez (HUJI) 
3:45pm Mayhah Suri (UMD) 
3:50-4:00pm Questions and group discussion                             

4:00- 4:45 PM Summary Session (Moderators: Drs. Yael Mishael, Amy R. Sapkota, Erick Bandala, Clive Lipchin) (Conclusions, Future Research Directions and Areas of New Development)